Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud.

Unleash your teams to become more productive, secure, and compliant in a complex, digital world.

Move to a Secure, Modern Workplace powered by Secure Cloud

Enhance your productivity, increase your security, and strengthen your compliance with the power of Secure Cloud.


Modern, intuitive, and unified interface


Full redundancy, high-availability


High security and compliance platform


Optimized for partner management


Gold standard encryption


Productivity, compliance, and security insights


Real-time understanding of threats & behavior


24/7 threat and compliance analysis


Enhanced and connected productivity


Evolving, effective, and informative security


Compliance that makes business better


Working together for a secure, modern workplace

Secure Cloud



Establish a modern workplace for better data sharing, collaboration, flexibility, and remote work.


Reduce risks caused by human error and security-related obstacles to productivity. Threat detection and risk mitigation are constant, automated, and dynamic.


Email Threat Protection


Email Encryption


Secure File Share


Best-in-class email encryption, secure file sharing, and business communications archiving (email, social media, instant messaging).


Email Encryption


Secure File Share


Information Archiving

Phenomenal Care

All services backed by 24/7/365 dedicated support from our phenomenal care team to better manage people, technology, and process.


Move to a secure, modern workplace.
Move forward with AppRiver.

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Email Encryption

Encryption, secured. 

Automatic email encryption and data loss prevention offer unparalleled peace of mind for you, your employees and your executives.

Email Threat Protection

Simpler and more secure email.

Prevent malware, ransomware and other advanced threats from compromising your email and your business.

Information Archiving

Accessible, unified archiving.

Provides secure message retention, making compliance and eDiscovery easier for you and your team.

Email Message Privacy

Complete control of your sensitive information.

Transform your existing email environment into a secure communications workplace, with point-to-point message encryption and tracking, large file sharing, and e-signature capability.

Secure File Share

Share easily and confidently,

Securely share files of any size and type, with full tracking features and e-signature capability, all designed to keep your business moving forward. 

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