Low impact,
high value.

Federal, state and local governments use AppRiver to securely automate constituent communications and processes. Join them and securely automate constituent communications and processes today.

Modernize Workflows

In the age of the digital citizen, federal, state and local governments are compelled to enable timely, confidential and secure communication and processes for their constituents. However, the challenge is citizen and business data and processes are ripe for theft and ransom attacks by cybercriminals. AppRiver provides advanced threat protection, archiving, DLP and BYOD security solutions.

Streamline Automation

Email is a powerful tool for engaging with your constituents. AppRiver automates processes, and the resulting cost savings and efficiencies become a tangible value for personal, small business and corporate taxpayers. 

Build Trust

Federal, state and local governments use AppRiver to securely automate constituent communications and processes. Customers are able to securely automate constituent communications and processes. The results are tangible. Identities are trusted, inadvertent exposure of taxpayer data is prevented, efficiencies are realized and criminals attempting social engineering via email are thwarted.

Email Encryption

Encryption, secured. 

Automatic email encryption and data loss prevention offer unparalleled peace of mind for you, your employees and your executives.

Email Threat Protection

Simpler and more secure email.

Prevent malware, ransomware and other advanced threats from compromising your email and your business.

Information Archiving

Accessible, unified archiving.

Provides secure message retention, making compliance and eDiscovery easier for you and your team.

Email Message Privacy

Complete control of your sensitive information.

Transform your existing email environment into a secure communications workplace, with point-to-point message encryption and tracking, large file sharing, and e-signature capability.

Secure File Share

Share easily and confidently,

Securely share files of any size and type, with full tracking features and e-signature capability, all designed to keep your business moving forward.