Building your “Platinum” Bundle


Building your “Platinum” Bundle

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In Karl Palachuk’s best-selling books, Managed Services in a Month and Cloud Services in a Month, he discusses the strategy around building bundles. He mentions two very important things to keep in mind:


  1. Bundles are easy to sell, and
  2. They’re difficult to sell against. 


In other words… bundles are magical!


The first step to creating your “Magic Bundle” begins with drafting out the “big bundle” – the everything-you-can-think-of bundle. This bundle should include software, services, and if you are comfortable selling hardware as a service, then you should definitely consider adding that too. This is your premium-level bundle.


People always look at the premium option first. Many drive luxury cars, carry platinum credit cards, and are willing to pay for the best service you have to offer. It’s important to note that your premium plan isn’t just a bundle - it’s a public statement about what you consider to be the absolute best IT service package. It’s the one you believe top performing companies must have.


Premium bundles also make your life easier by combining multiple service invoices into one. No more time-consuming invoicing for every single component. You can simply position it as “All the technology you need.”


By comparison, every other plan would offer less. Every other plan would leave holes. And most importantly, every other plan costs more when something goes wrong!


Most MSPs face a struggle at first as to what should be included and how it should be priced. An easy way to start, according to Palachuk, is to look at what you sell to your most loyal clients, the ones that trust your guidance and know your value the most. Chances are they’re buying everything you think they need and they love it. Whether you created it intentionally or not, they are definitely “on” your premium plan and you already have it drafted on their bill.


Karl provides a wealth of insight for MSPs, and on June 29, 2020 he’s delivering an exclusive training to Zix/AppRiver partners around the Value of Strategic Bundling. He will be sharing the best tips and tricks around the “Magic of Bundling” to help you build your bundle and confidently sell it.


Check out our on demand training featuring Karl Palachuk on why bundling your services could help grow your business. For a deeper dive into creating your bundles, check out this training with Karl.