Introducing Autotask Integration to Simplify Billing



Introducing Autotask Integration to Simplify Billing


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Partners aim to provide a complete solution for customers, and they rely on us to provide accurate, consolidated billing. Autotask is used by many of our partners as the central hub of their business, and our new Autotask integration frees them to focus on growing their business and offerings, and delighting their customers with timely, accurate invoices.

Billing integration is a must have requirement for many MSPs when choosing technology partners, particularly those providing subscription based services where usage fluctuates month to month. This platform enhancement to Secure Cloud removes billing related hurdles to productivity. In addition to providing partners in-house supported, world-class security solutions, this release now improves our platform as an ongoing initiative to enable partner business growth and scalability.

Zix | AppRiver is continuously evolving our partner program to ensure ongoing productivity for your business. Here are some ways this integration is helping to improve efficiency with more streamlined processes:


Easy Setup

You don’t need to worry about wasting time migrating your data and setting up the PSA connections. Setup is seamless and straightforward, and you can easily set up everything - including the creation of new contracts or services - on the fly.


Error-Free Invoicing

Human error is nearly unavoidable if you manage everything manually. Just think of all the promotions, price adjustments, different billing cycles, and clients you have to manage. With Autotask, every invoice you send will reflect all accurate changes needed for your clients.


Unified Billing

No more back and forth between portals for billing. With Autotask, you can now manage your automated billing from a central location and keep a record of every client’s billing information (Services offered, promos and discounts, usage limits, and more).


Simplified Proration Management

Autotask makes it much easier to manage proration, especially for scalable services. Instead of wasting time trying to calculate the correct amounts, you can rely on the software to handle the calculations.   


Complete Synchronization Control

You decide which changes sync to the client’s bill. This ensures that the final invoice always reflects the correct usage. With synchronization control, even last-minute changes will be shown on the client’s bill.


Automatic Error Detection

Our AutoTask integration automatically detects synchronization or mapping errors. You’re always aware of issues prior to posting changes so you don’t have to worry about incorrect invoicing.


Expert Support – Day 1

Through our partnership with Application Link you’ll get phenomenal implementation and ongoing support right from the start.

Our Autotask integration is one of the many benefits we offer our partners. Ready to start your integration? Let’s talk and set you up!