Vjw0rm Is Back With New Tactics


Vjw0rm Is Back With New Tactics

Chris Lee

Image of a trojan horse

Vengeance Justice Worm (Vjw0rm) first emerged in November 2016; it's a hybrid worm/Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that is publicly available and has modular functionality. In January 2019 our team wrote about Vjw0rm here when it was being propagated by a phishing campaign utilizing a banking lure.

Vjw0rm has 3 primary malicious capabilities:

1. Information Stealing - Exfiltrating cookie session data, clipboard strings, and attempts to steal user credentials.

2. Self Propagation - Copies itself throughout the operating system and in the startup folder and can spread via removable drive.

3. Denial of service (DOS) - Domain Name Service (DNS) request manipulation, and the ability to send and receive spam email including advertisement flooding.

This time around we're seeing this malware group using RAR (compressed files created by the WinRAR archiver) files with malicious JS (text file containing javascript code) files embedded. In this campaign the bad actors are spoofing Maersk Shipping Line - A Danish international container shipping company and the largest operating subsidiary of the Maersk Group. Maersk is commonly spoofed because of its wide reach of customers and prevalence in the shipping industry. The lure being used in today's is a shipment bill of lading

Vjw0rm Sample

Image of malicious email


Mitigation Tactics

1. If your organization doesn't regularly receive legitimate RAR files then we suggest banning that file extension globally.

2. User education has never been more important, malicious actors are constantly innovating and pivoting, users need to be on their game and know what to look for and what not to click on. Establish an easy process in your company where users can submit anything suspicious to your IT/Helpdesk team for review.

3. Defense in depth is something that your company should constantly strive for. A great start would be by signing up for our Advanced Email Security!


Indicators Of Compromise

dhanaolaipallets[.]com (Switzerland IP)


SHA256 Hashes

RAR: 4c5550b9ae08885f1b5f1761fdd40722dda2b04a7e432e1649ae3e080d88b4b0

JS: 70c0b9d1c88f082bad6ae01fef653da6266d0693b24e08dcb04156a629dd6f81


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